Volunteer roles

Volunteers are the glue of Girls Rock! that enable this program to take place with such success! If you would like to volunteer, have a read through the roles required and complete the form on the following tab.

instrument instructor

 Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drum Kit, Keyboards, & Vocals

*Musical experience required; teaching experience beneficial. Must be available from approximately 10am-3pm (TBC) with breaks.

 Our campers will possess a varying range of skill levels – some have been playing for years, many have never touched a musical instrument in their lives. Instructors are responsible for working with other teachers to plan lessons, teaching and creating a supportive learning environment for the campers. Classes will likely involve a combination of team-teaching a group of 5-10 people and solo teaching in smaller groups with occasional one-on-one instruction.

band coach

*Musical experience required. Must be available ALL WEEK for an AM and/or PM shift.

 On the first day of camp the campers form bands with each band assigned a band coach. The coaches provide help and guidance in all aspects of working as a collaborative creative team: setting up, tuning, song writing, learning how to play together, figuring out stage moves, etc. The coaches may also be called upon to mediate band disputes, as well as note specific positive behaviours for later recognition.

Mental Health Crew

*No musical experience necessary. Must be available all week for an AM and/or PM shift.

Our curriculum covers conflict resolution and team-building, but we need registered counsellors, youth workers, and mental health professionals to be on-site during the camp week, for the occasions that campers or volunteers have personal issues arise and will need to talk to someone and/or be referred to services elsewhere.

Gear Crew (Roadies)

*No musical experience necessary. Flexible hours.

Roadies are vital! We need folks to help set up, break down, and move equipment throughout the week. Responsibilities include setting up the camp site, re-configuring rooms for band practice every day, helping with load-in/out on showcase days, etc. Head roadies are also needed (people who can be at camp for all or most days and provide continuity throughout the week). Great for the organised person who wants to help out at camp and learn a bit about what happens behind-the-scenes!

Ground Crew

*No musical experience necessary, but experience working with young people is a bonus. AM and PM shifts are available, but you must be available at least 2 days over the week.

Ground Crew are the cogs that turn the wheel of camp. As a part of Ground Crew, you may assist with the check-in and out of campers every day, provide support in workshops, monitor visitors, coordinate in-camp communication, give directions, answer questions, file camp paperwork, organise daily attendance sheets, create and print our Showcase Programmes, and sell merch. Some computer work and photocopying (or visits to Officeworks) may be involved.

Kitchen Crew

*No musical experience necessary. Food Handler's Certificate is required for some positions. Shifts are flexible but the most support is needed at lunch time (approximately 11am-2pm).

 During camp week, Kitchen Crew will help in labelling, storing, and distributing camper lunches, organising camper snacks, and putting out donated food for the volunteers. You will also help with tidying up after meals and keeping our kitchen clean and safe for everyone!

Workshop Facilitator

Present your hour-long workshop to groups of 25-30 campers twice on the day it is offered. Campers will attend loosely divided by age, first the 12-14 yr olds, and second the 15-17 yr olds. Volunteers are needed to lead our workshops including; Song writing, Self Defense, Image & Identity, Zine Making, and Screen Printing.

We are also seeking volunteers to propose a workshop of their own creation! We are always interested in expanding our workshop offerings; please propose a workshop if you are interested!

Camp Photographer

*No musical experience necessary. Flexible hours are available to suit your schedule.

This volunteer is responsible for taking each band’s official band photo and wandering around taking photos of all of the activities and action happening during camp, and sending them to staff or hosting them online somewhere they can be accessible campers. We will hopefully be projecting the photos on stage during the showcase on the Saturday of camp, so this volunteer must be able to get the band photos finished and sent to staff at least one day before the showcase. This volunteer must provide their own equipment. Band members will sign a media release form before camp.

Sound Engineer (Lunchtime & Showcase)

*Sound engineering experience required. Must be available at lunch time on weekdays for approximately 1 hour, and/or 11am-5pm Saturday. You can sign up for as few or as many shifts as you'd like.

These positions run sound for the half-hour lunchtime performances and the Showcase on Saturday. You may also be interested in running a sound-related workshop while you're at camp. Let us know!

A special note to male-identified volunteers: Girls Rock! WA is primarily led by and for female, trans, and non-binary folks. We also value diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity toward all individuals, regardless of gender identity or expression. The organisation welcomes the support of male-identified allies and expects male-identified allies who would like to volunteer to respect the importance of leadership by women, trans, and non-binary people.